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Sophia, a nihilistic teenage girl obsessed with vampirism and the occult falls victim to a bizarre urban legend when she resurrects a little known but powerful historical figure, the infamous Voodoo Queen of San Francisco...Mary Ellen Pleasant.




The year is 1986 and the satanic panic scare of the nineteen eighties is at a shrilling crescendo. For the past thirty years, society has gone through a pandemic of changes away from religion and Christian morality. All over the country parents, teachers and clergy are searching for answers and desperate to find a solution to this unholy dilemma.


San Francisco, one of the most influential cities in the world and to a large extent the originator of these changes has been hit hardest, becoming a Mecca for Satan worshippers, serial killers, witchcraft and freaks.


The city is in a panic, and desperate for a solution to its ungodly plight. The Mayor, in a last-ditch attempt to save the city, has called in a specialist; Enter Special Agent Detective Sam Anders of the FBI, occult cop extraordinaire. Together with Sophia, and her best friend Sylvain, he must find a way to stop the bloodiest crime spree in the cities’ history.




Inspired by a true story, Dez Del Rio's first novel "The Lipstick Killerz" combines horror, mystery, suspense and the supernatural to create an erotic blend of historical storytelling that is sure to keep readers turning pages long into the night.




"Shocking, provocative and chocked with suspense "The Lipstick Killerz" is a no holds barred horror fiction novel that refuses to bow to the politically correct climate of the day."

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The House of Mystery

Though Mary Ellen Pleasants mansion no longer stands at the corner of Bush and Octavia, the house pictured above is of the original Bell mansion designed and built by Mary Ellen Pleasant. The Eucalyptus trees in the foreground were planted by Mary Ellen shortly after the house was built and still stand to this day.

Front cover image and cover design by Adara Rosalie

Back cover illustration by Stina Clemmensen

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